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Amanda & Andrew




Wedding Party

Alan Honeycutt


When we met: 1998
How we met: Amanda's Mom and Mrs. Honeycutt used to work together.
Favorite Memory with Mr. Honeycutt: The Kleins and the Honeycutts used to go to Disneyland together. Mr. Honeycutt had every single meal planned out for the day. The best part about traveling with him is that you know there will be meal breaks (the same cannot be said about the Klein family).


Maid of Honor

When we met: 2000
How we met: Amanda moved into the house down the street from Christa.
Favorite Memory with Christa: In high school, Christa locked herself in Amanda's closet with a whiteboard and we wouldn't let her out until she solved a complex math problem.


Best Man

When we met: 1994
How we met: Andrew and Jarrod are cousins
Favorite Memory with Jarrod: Andrew and Jarrod used to make home movies in Jarrod's backyard. If you ask nicely, one of them may share the Youtube link. They are something special.



When we met: 2013
How we met: When Ginette became Amanda's Big
Favorite Memory with Ginette: Probably the time after our sorority formal where Ginette stole a bag of skittles and dropped them on the ground outside of the car and she tried so hard to get all the candy back into the bag while it was pitch black outside.



When we met: 2000
How we met: Andrew's Brother
Favorite Memory with Matthew: When Matthew was out in CA, he went for a float on the Russian River. Matthew lost track of time and floated very far down the river and couldn't get back. We found him on the side of the road, very sunburned with a gigantic watermelon floatie.



When we met: 1995
How we met: Amanda's Cousin
Favorite Memory with Kimberly: One time we were driving to Target when Amanda's car horn malfunctioned. Anytime the wheel spun, the horn would go off and not stop until Amanda smacked it. Kimberly, through hysterical laughing, looked at Amanda and told her the car was "horny"



When we met: 1998
How we met: Amanda's Brother
Favorite Memory with Cameron: When we were kids, Amanda used to drag Cameron by his feet along the berber carpet. For the first few years of his life Cameron had giant rug burns on the back of his skull.



When we met: 2013
How we met: Amanda and Jacqueline were in the same sorority pledge class.
Favorite Memory with Jacqueline: We once went for a hike but misread the trail map and ended up wandering around the forest trying to find our way out.



When we met: 2007
How we met: Andrew and Dave met in middle school.
Favorite Memory with Dave: One year Dave played Elwood (Blues Brothers) in a talent show. Dave used his natural showmanship to wow Andrew.



When we met: 2015
How we met: Amanda and Cassidy met while attending Sonoma State
Favorite Memory with Cassidy: Shortly after we met, Cassidy anonymously wrote a very kind note and left it on Amanda's door. Amanda thought it was from a resident who was trying to mess with her. It took Amanda a few weeks to find out who the mystery note was from.



When we met: 2001
How we met: Andrew's Brother
Favorite Memory with Brenden: Brenden and Andrew used to share a room and Brenden used to wake Andrew up by talking in his sleep.
Leah Bisch